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Sign up for Mass 5/27 to 5/31

  • Mass attendance is limited to 125 people.
  •  Although it is not mandatory, we are encouraging people to wear face masks.
  • Only sign up for one Mass per week so that everyone will have an opportunity to attend and receive Eucharist. 
  • Since the obligation to attend Mass is still suspended, people over 65 years of age and those with pre-existing health conditions are encouraged to not attend Mass at this time.
  • We need at least 10 volunteers willing to stay after mass to clean and disinfect. Please sign up if you want to help.
  • Please write down the number of people coming to mass with you.
  • If you have any symptoms. Please stay home. 
  • La asistencia a misa está limitada a 125 personas.
  • Aunque no es obligatorio, alentamos a las personas a usar máscaras faciales.
  • Solo inscríbase en una misa por semana para que todos tengan la oportunidad de asistir y recibir la Eucaristía.
  • Dado que la obligación de asistir a misa aún está suspendida, se recomienda a las personas mayores de 65 años y a las personas con condiciones de salud preexistentes que no asistan a misa en este momento.
  • Necesitamos al menos 10 voluntarios dispuestos a quedarse después de la misa para limpiar y desinfectar.
  • Por favor escriba el número de personas que vienen a misa con usted.
  • Si tiene algún síntoma Por favor, quédate en casa.

Mass Monday, June 1st 5:30 pm Spanish


Mass Tuesday, June 2nd 5:30 pm English


Mass Wednesday , June 3rd 5:30 pm Spanish


Mass Thursday, June 4rd 5:30 pm English


Mass Friday, June 5th 5:30 pm Spanish


Latin Mass, Saturday June 6, 9:00 am


Mass Sunday, June 7 9:00 am


Mass Sunday, June 7 11:00 am


Mass Sunday, June 7 1:00 pm


Live stream Mass

Mass: Monday to Saturday 8:00 am

Sunday Mass: English 9:00 am, Spanish 11:00 am.


Online Giving

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Fr. Andrew podcast

El Canal Guadalupano
Father Andrew Brinkman

You can listen to Fr. Andrew podcast by clicking in the following link.


Million + Rosaries

Diálogos Virtuales durante COVID 19

Our Church

Our Lady of Guadalupe Church was founded in 1931 by a small group of Mexican immigrants from the local community. Today our community continues to grow and thrive through the support of our parishioners. For more information about our church or to learn how you can get involved, contact us at info@olgcatholic.org.

We are a bilingual church offering mass and confession in English and Spanish. For questions relating to Sacraments, please contact our parish office.

For more information on our church, volunteer opportunities, or Sacraments, please contact us.

Weekly Parish Bulletins

Our weekly parish bulletins are available for download. Click here to view bulletins from previous weeks.

Adoration at Our Lady of Guadalupe

Due to the governor’s request for Minnesotans to stay at home, we will be changing our adoration times and guidelines. We will update you as soon as possible on the changes that are made.

Debido a la solicitud del gobernador para que los residentes de Minnesota se queden en casa, cambiaremos nuestros horarios y pautas de adoración. Le informaremos lo antes posible sobre los cambios realizados.